De-mold Control PropertyManager

Add de-mold controls to ensure that the optimized design is manufacturable and can be extracted from a mold.

To access the De-mold Control PropertyManager:

  • From a Topology study tree, right-click Manufacturing Controls, and click Specify De-mold Direction.

Application of geometric controls prevents the formation of undercuts and cavities and ensures that the optimized shape can be extracted from a mold.

De-mold Direction

  Mid-plane (both directions) Select one of these options:

Determine central mid-plane automatically

The optimization module determines the optimal position of the middle plane. The optimized component can be pulled out of a mold in both directions away from the middle plane.

Select plane for direction

  Pull direction only The "pull direction"is the direction in which the two halves of a mold separate or the direction in which a stamping tool moves.
  Stamping (pull direction only)
If the optimization algorithm removes an element from the structure, it also removes all the elements behind or in front of the element (with respect to the edge vector indicating the pull direction). For example, an optimized crane hook model with a stamping control is shown.

Select edge to define the direction Select the edge vector indicating the pull direction.
  Reverse direction Reverses the pull direction.
Usually, it is better to carry out the optimization without manufacturing restrictions first, and then to perform a second optimization with manufacturing restrictions.