Thickness Control PropertyManager

Apply member size restrictions for a topology optimization that prohibits the creation of very thin or very thick regions that may be difficult to manufacture.

To access the Thickness Control PropertyManager:

The final optimized design adheres to the member size restrictions you specify.

  • Right-click Manufacturing Controls, and select Specify Thickness Control
Minimum Member Thickness Sets the minimum size of an optimized substructure and the desired units. The minimum member size must be greater than two to three times the average element size.
A coarse mesh and a fine mesh lead to the same optimized topology if the minimum member thicknesses for both cases are set to the same absolute value.
  Maximum Member Thickness Sets the maximum size of an optimized substructure and the desired units (optional). It is recommended that the average mesh-element size is three to four times smaller than the desired maximum member thickness.
The CPU-time for the calculation increases quadratically if the mesh becomes too fine when member thickness controls are applied. To save calculation time, the thickness restriction should only be defined in the areas of the model where very thin or very thick parts should be avoided. To identify these areas, the first step is to perform an optimization without any member size restrictions.