Intersect PropertyManager

You can intersect solids, surfaces, or planes to modify existing geometry, or to create new geometry with the Intersect tool.

For example, you can add open surface geometry to a solid, remove material from a model, or you can create geometry from an enclosed cavity. You can also merge solids that you define with the Intersect tool, or cap some surfaces to define closed volumes.

To open the Intersect PropertyManager:

  • Open a part containing solids, surfaces, or planes, and click Intersect tool_intersect.gif (Features toolbar), or Insert > Features > Intersect.


Solids, Surfaces, or Planes Select the solids, surfaces, or planes to intersect.
  Create intersecting regions Displays the selections and creates regions that intersect each other.
  Create internal regions Displays and creates an internal region from a closed (hollow) volume within the intersection of the sections.
  Create both Displays the selections, and creates intersecting regions, and internal (hollow) regions.
  Cap planar openings on surfaces For surfaces with openings that are flat, closes the openings when you click Intersect.
  InterI_sect Defines a distinct region from each closed volume created by the union or intersection of the selections. You can exclude one or more regions in Regions to Exclude.

Regions to Exclude

Preview Options
Show included regions Displays the regions that you are including as solids. All other regions are hidden.
Show excluded regions Displays the regions that you are excluding as transparent. All other regions are hidden.
Show both included and excluded regions Displays both included and excluded regions. Included regions appear as solids and excluded regions appear transparent.
  Region List After clicking Intersect, displays the regions you can exclude from the final result.
  Select All Selects all regions for exclusion.
You must clear at least one selection to define a new body before clicking PM_OK.gif.
  Invert Selection Clears selected regions in the Region List and selects the cleared regions.


Merge result After clicking PM_OK.gif, forms the union of the included regions. Touching regions are formed into one body, when possible. When cleared, creates a separate body for each included region.
Consume surfaces After clicking PM_OK.gif, removes surfaces from the FeatureManager design tree for the part.