Flatten Surface PropertyManager

To open the Flatten Surface PropertyManager:

  • Click Flatten Surface (Surfaces toolbar) or Insert > Surface > Flatten.


Face/Surface to Flatten Sets the face or surface to be flattened. You can select more than one face as long as they can both be flattened from the same vertex or point.
Vertex or Point on Edge to Flatten From Sets the vertex or point on an edge to flatten from. If you select a vertex, you can use the arrow in the graphics area to select which of the vertex's edges you want to flatten from.
  Additional Entities Sets additional curves or sketches located on the surface to flatten.

Relief Cuts

Adds cuts to relieve stress in the flattenend surface and provides more flexibility in the surface.

  Curves or sketches to add as cuts Sets the curves or sketches as relief cuts on the surface. The cuts give the impression that the surface is raised.


Move the slider between Low and High to specify the accuracy of the flatten feature. More accurate flatten features take longer to calculate.
Show Mesh Preview  
Show Flat Preview Displays a preview of the flattened surface in the graphics area.