Controlling Connectors

The type of control you can apply to connectors depends on several items.
Selection sequence Whether it is the first connector you modify, or whether you modify connectors added to the profile.
Type of profile Connectors in smooth contour profiles react differently than connectors on profiles with non-tangent edges.
Guide curves With guide curves and closed contour profiles, the guide curve defines the start point for the profiles.

Connector control is either global or local.

Global twist control The first connector on a profile with non-tangent edges moves from vertex to vertex along an edge. When you select a handle, it moves the connector to the next vertex.
Local twist control When you add connectors to profiles with vertices, those connectors have local twist control. Local twist control means that you can select the handle and drag it along the profile to modify the synchronization between the profiles.

To control connectors using global twist control:

  1. Move the pointer over a handle on one of the profiles.
    The handle changes color .
    Regardless of the profile you select, the behavior is identical. However, the shape of the loft varies accordingly.
  2. Start to drag the handle towards the vertex on which you want to relocate the connector.
    The handle moves to the next vertex along the edge you specified. The loft preview updates with the new synchronization.
You can also right-click and select from these shortcut items to manipulate connectors:
Item Description
Undo connector edit Undo up to six of the last delete, add, or drag connector commands.
Delete Connector Deletes connectors that you added.
Show Connector Shows the nearest connector to the selected point.
Show All Connectors
Reset Connectors Removes all changes implemented by moving connectors.
Hide Connector Select a handle to remove a connector from the profiles, without deleting it.
Hide All Connectors Hides all connectors, but does not delete them.
Show All Connectors Hide All Connectors
Hide Connector