Assigning Financial Impact to a Custom Material

If you use a custom material that is not defined in the SOLIDWORKS database, you can add financial impact to the material's properties. You can also customize a SOLIDWORKS material if you know that your cost for the material is different from the default cost.

To add a financial impact property to an existing custom material:

  1. In the FeatureManager, expand the component for which you want to calculate financial impact.
  2. Right-click Sustainability_material_icon and click Edit Material.
  3. In the Material dialog box, expand Custom Materials and select the material whose financial impact you want to specify.
  4. In the right pane, on the Custom tab, click Add.
  5. For Property Name, type Financial Impact.
    Although the property is not case sensitive, you must use the words "Financial Impact."
  6. For Value, type a positive number representing the cost of the material.
    Examples: 35, 63.67
    Letters, symbols, and punctuation marks other than "." or "," are invalid. The Materials editor does not report an error, but the financial impact is not read into SOLIDWORKS Sustainability and a tooltip in the Material Financial Impact section of the task pane reports that there is no financial impact data for the material.
  7. For Units, type currency/measure.
    The default Units value for materials defined in the database is USD/kg, standing for United States dollars per kilograms.
  8. Click Apply, and then click Close.
When you assign the material to a part, the value is used to calculate the material financial impact.