Positioning Form Features

You can position forming tools on sheet metal using sketch tools.

To position forming tools:

  1. On a face of a sheet metal part, sketch any entities such as construction lines to help position the forming tool using dimensions and relations.

    shm_lib_feat_position feature02.gif

  2. In the Task Pane, select the Design Library tab_Design_Library.gif tab.
  3. Click in the title bar to pin the Design Library.
  4. Browse to forming tools, and select one of the folders.
    The contents of the folder are previewed in the lower panel.
  5. Select a forming tool from the lower panel, drag it to the correct face, and release the pointer.

    The forming tool is placed on the face and the Position form feature dialog box appears.

    shm_lib_feat_position feature03.gif

  6. Use Smart Dimension Tool_Smart_Dimensions_Relations.gif, Add Relations Tool_Add_Relation_Dimensions_Relations.gif, or Modify Sketch Tool_Modify_Sketch.gif to position the forming tool on the face.

    In this example, a Midpoint relation was added between the construction line and the origin of the forming tool sketch.

    shm_lib_feat_position feature04.gif

    Leave the Position form feature dialog box open while positioning the forming tool.
  7. Click Finish to set the forming tool and close the dialog box.

    shm_lib_feat_position feature05.gif