Organizing and Saving Costing Data Locally

You can save Costing data. Such data includes CAD files, Costing templates, and Costing reports locally as a package, with the Costing Pack and Go tool.

To organize and save Costing data locally:

  1. Open an assembly.
  2. Click Costing (Evaluate tab on the CommandManager) or Tools > SOLIDWORKS Applications > Costing.
  3. Click Begin Cost Estimation.
  4. In the Costing Task Pane, click Generate Report .
  5. In the Report Options dialog box, choose the report options and click Publish.
  6. In the Costing Task Pane, click Costing Pack and Go .
    If a warning message prompts you to save the assembly, click OK and save the assembly.
  7. In the Costing Pack and Go dialog box:
    1. The default file name is the same as the CAD file name. You can rename the file name.
      For File name, type a name.
    2. For Save to, click and browse to the location where you want to save the report.
    3. Select Include Costing report and click to browse to the location of the report to include.
    4. Click Save.