Import HomeByMe Floor Plans

You can export a floor plan from HomeByMe and import it into DraftSight.

HomeByMe, at, is an online 3D home planning service that allows you to configure, and visualize home products and furniture layouts, using a virtual version of home surroundings. You can convert a floor plan in HomeByMe to a .DSHBM file that you can view and modify in DraftSight.

You must have a user account with HomeByMe before you can convert a floor plan. You can also use Facebook or Google to create an account and register your email address with HomeByMe.

Exporting a Floor Plan from HomeByMe

To export a floor plan from HomeByMe:

  1. Access HomeByMe by:
    • Opening in a web browser.
    • Clicking the HomeByMe tab from the Task Pane in DraftSight.

  2. Log into HomeByMe.
  3. Click My projects and select a project.

    HomeByMe loads the project.

  4. On the project page, click Export on the top next to Save.
  5. In the Export As A DraftSight File dialog box, click Download.

    The floor plan is saved as a .DSHBM file.

    Rename the file to make it easier for you to recognize.

Importing a Floor Plan to DraftSight

To import a HomeByMe floor plan to DraftSight:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the ribbon, from Drafting and Annotation, click Import > HomeByMe Floor plan .
    • On the ribbon, from Classic, click Tools > HomeByMe > Import HomeByMe Floor plan.
  2. In the Task Pane, click the Settings tab to set up measurement units for the floor plan.
    1. For Units, select one of the following:
      • Feet and Inches
      • Millimeters
      • Centimeters
      • Meters
    2. Set Scale, Position, and Rotation.

      You can set these options before you import or later.

  3. In the Browse tab, under Import, click Browse to locate the file.

    A thumbnail of the floor plan appears in the preview.

  4. If the floor plan contains multiple floors, select a floor from a list.
  5. Click Generate.
  6. Click Zoom to fit to view the results better in the Model tab.
The following items in the floor plan are converted in the Model tab:
  • Windows and doors to Blocks
  • Walls to Polylines
  • Exteriors to Polylines