Mesh Section PropertyManager

With the Mesh Section PropertyManager, you can view mesh elements inside the volume of parts.

To open the Mesh Section PropertyManager, do one the following:

  • Create a mesh, right-click a mesh quality plot, and click Mesh Sectioning.
  • Right-click an active result plot and click Mesh Sectioning.
You cannot create a mesh section plot for beam or truss elements.

Use a mesh section plot to examine mesh quality parameters (such as aspect ratio, jacobian) or result contours for internal mesh elements.

Mesh section of an aspect ratio plot. Red elements with the highest aspect ratio are visible.

Section 1

  Plane Creates a planar cross-section.
Cylinder Creates a cylindrical cross-section.
  Reference entity Select Plane 1, Plane 2, or Plane 3 as a reference plane for the orientation of the section plane.
Reverse Clipping Direction  
dim_lin_d.png Distance Sets the offset distance measured from the selected section entity.

Position dynamically the section plane in the graphics area by moving the red arrow.

dim_ang_x.png Rotation X Rotates the section entity along the X-direction.
dim_ang_y.png Rotation Y Rotates the section entity along the Y-direction.
PM_draft_angle.gif Radius Sets the radius of the cylindrical cross-section.
  Options Select one of the following:

Show mesh edge

Displays the element edges.

Show section plane

Displays the section entity (plane or cylinder).

Plot on section only

Displays the mesh elements that intersect the section entity.

Show contour on the uncut portion of the model

Displays the result contours on the uncut portion of the model. If cleared, the program displays the uncut portion of the model in shaded view mode.

Explode after clipping

Available for assemblies. Creates the mesh section and then explodes the model. If not selected, the program creates the section plot on the exploded view.

Clipping on/off

Toggles the visibility of the mesh section.


Resets the selections to the default values.