Mesh Control Parameters

Mesh control refers to specifying different element sizes at different regions in the model. A smaller element size in a region improves the accuracy of results in that region. You can specify mesh control at vertices, points, edges, faces, and components. Mesh control is not available for beams.

To access the Mesh Control PropertyManager, right-click the Mesh icon and select Apply Mesh Control.

The mesh control parameters are:

  • Element size (e) for the specified entities
  • Element growth ratio (r)

Assuming that the element size used for meshing an entity is (e), the average element size in layers radiating from the entity will be: e, e*r, e*r2, e*r3, ...., e*rn. If the calculated average element size of a layer exceeds (E), where (E) is the Global Size globalsize.png, the program uses (E) instead. The mesh radiates from vertices to edges, from edges to faces, from faces to components, and from a component to connected components.