Export Smoothed Mesh

You can export the smoothed mesh data of the optimized shape as new geometry.

To open the Export Smoothed Mesh Property Manager:

  • Right-click a Material Mass Plot under Results, and click Export Smoothed Mesh.

Save Mesh Info

  Current active configuration Saves the smoothed mesh data in the current configuration.
  New configuration Saves the smoothed mesh data as a new configuration.
  New part file Saves the smoothed mesh data in a new document.

Part name

Type the file name of the new document.

Save file to:

Type the file path to save the new document.

Advanced Export

  Graphics body Exports the smoothed mesh data in a lightweight, boundary geometry representation format. Select this option to import the Graphics Body document into your original part or assembly document, so that you can use it as a blueprint to help you modify the geometry of the original component.
  Solid body Exports the smoothed mesh data as a solid body (*sldprt file format). Select this option for 3D printing operations. This option takes longer computational time to complete.
  Surface body Exports only the surface geometry of the smoothed mesh data ( *.STL file format)
  Create mesh bodies bounded by single faces Exports the optimized shape (solid body or surface body as shown in a Material Mass plot with smoothed mesh) to a mesh BREP body. Mesh bodies (also known as mesh boundary representation or mesh BREP bodies) are made up of mesh facets (triangles). For solid bodies, the mesh facets form a closed boundary surface (also known as watertight mesh). For surface bodies, the mesh forms an open surface BREP.

You can save a mesh body in the current configuration (saved as imported body in the FeatureManager® design tree), in a new configuration, or in a new SOLIDWORKS part file (*.sldprt).
  Group facets into faces Collects the mesh facets into selectable faces. These mesh faces are defined as a collection of facets and do not have a parametric representation, so you cannot modify their dimensions.
The mesh BREP body is independent of the mesh representing the finite element model of the geometry in Simulation.