Editing Assemblies in Large Design Review

You can use Edit Assembly to edit assemblies in Large Design Review mode. Additional features and tools are available when you edit an assembly in Large Design Review mode.

To use this functionality, open the assembly and component files individually and then save in SOLIDWORKS 2019 and later. Click File > Save All to save all the open files at the same time.
In the FeatureManager design tree, the following features appear for top-level assemblies:
  • Standard planes
  • Origin
  • Mates folder
  • Mates in assembly folders
  • Reference geometry, read-only
  • Sketches, read-only
  • Component Patterns, read-only
On the Large Design Review tab of CommandManager, these tools are available:
  • Insert Components
  • Mate
You cannot edit an assembly in Large Design Review mode if the top-level assembly contains at least one of these features:
Belt/Chain Chamfer Circular Pattern (feature)
Extruded Cut Fillet Hole Series
Hole Wizard Linear Pattern (feature) Mirror (feature)
Revolved Cut Simple Hole Sketch Driven Pattern (feature)
Swept Cut Table Driven Pattern (feature) Weld Bead