Surface Finish PropertyManager

Edit properties of surface finish symbols

To open the Surface Finish PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Insert a new surface finish symbol. Click Surface Finish Tool_Surface_Finish_Annotation.gif on the Annotation toolbar, or click Insert > Annotations > Surface Finish Symbol.
  • Select an existing surface finish symbol.


Define style. For details, see Style.


PM_SF_Basic.gif Basic
Machining Required
PM_SF_Machining_Proh.gif Machining Prohibited
PM_SF_Local.gif Local
PM_SF_All_Around.gif All Around
PM_JIS_surf_text_1.gif JIS Basic
PM_SF_JIS_Grind.gif JIS Machining Required
PM_SF_JIS_NoMachining.gif JIS Machining Prohibited

If you select JIS Basic or JIS Machining Required, several surface textures are available:

PM_JIS_surf_text_1.gif JIS Surface Texture 1
PM_JIS_surf_text_2.gif JIS Surface Texture 2
PM_JIS_surf_text_3.gif JIS Surface Texture 3
PM_JIS_surf_text_4.gif JIS Surface Texture 4
Example of JIS Machining Required symbol and JIS Surface Texture 3:

Symbol Layout

For ANSI symbols and symbols using ISO and related standards prior to 2002, specify text for the predefined locations around the symbol:

Maximum Roughness sf_symbols1.gif
Minimum Roughness  
Material Removal Allowance  
Production Method/Treatment sf_symbols2.gif
Sampling Length  
Other Roughness Values  
Roughness Spacing  
Lay Direction
sf_circular.gif sf_crossed.gif sf_multi_directional.gif sf_parallel.gif
Circular Crossed Multi-Directional  
sf_perpendicular.gif sf_radial.gif sf_particulate.gif  
Perpendicular Radial Particulate  
For symbols using ISO and related standards per 2002, specify:
  • Manufacturing Method
  • Texture Requirement 1
  • Texture Requirement 2
  • Texture Requirement 3
  • Surface Lay And Orientation
  • Matching Allowance
For JIS symbols, specify:
  • Roughness Ra
  • Roughness Rz/Rmax
For GOST symbols, you can also select:
  • Use for notation. Displays the surface finish symbol 0.5 times larger than the default size.
  • Add default symbol. Displays the default surface finish symbol in parentheses.


Use document font. To specify a different font for the symbol and text, clear and click Font.


Angle PM_angle.gif. Sets the angle of rotation for the symbol. A positive angle rotates the note counterclockwise.

You can also set the following rotations:

PM_sf_rotated.gif Rotated 90deg
PM_SF_Perpendicular.gif Perpendicular
PM_sf_perpendicular_reverse.gif Perpendicular (Reverse)


Select a leader style:

leader_yes.png Button Leader  
leader_jog.png Button Multi-job Leader  
PM_note_NoLeader.gif No Leader  
leader_auto.png Button Auto Leader Automatically inserts a leader if you select an entity such as a model or sketch edge.
leader_straight.png Button Straight Leader  
leader_hor_beside.png Button Bent Leader  

Select an Arrow Style.


In drawings with named layers, select a LayerPM_Layer.gif .