Customized Drafting Standards

Detailing document properties include specifications for dimensions, annotations, and tables. A drafting standard includes a set of detailing document properties that you can use with multiple drawings. You can create and customize drafting standards for a drawing document.

You can:
  • Save drafting standards to a file, archive them, and send them to others.
  • Import drafting standards from a saved standards file.
  • Save custom standard settings to drawing templates.
  • Rename, copy, or delete custom standards.

You can create customized drafting standards by clicking Options (Standard toolbar) and then selecting Document Properties.

Custom settings for document properties include:
  • Base detail and overall drafting standards
  • Customized drafting settings for each detail type
  • Document-level layer defaults
  • Custom leader and frame style and thickness
  • Preview images for each detail type
The overall drafting standard is saved under a modified name to prevent overwriting a fixed standard when you:
  • Select one of the fixed overall drafting standards such as ANSI or ISO.
  • Modify a detailing document property.

Customizing the Drafting Standard

For this example, the drafting standard requirements for your company are:
  • Overall drafting standard: ANSI
  • Base standard for weld symbols: GB
  • Leader thickness for all annotations and dimensions: 0.20mm
To set up these requirements:
  1. Click Options (Standard toolbar).
  2. From the Document Properties tab, select Drafting Standard.
  3. Select ANSI for the Overall drafting standard.
  4. Select Annotations > Weld Symbols and select GB for the Base weld symbol standard.
  5. For each annotation and dimension type, select Custom Size for Leader Thickness and type 0.20mm.
  6. Select Drafting Standard and click Save to External File.
  7. After selecting the necessary directory, click Save to save the .sldstd standard file.
  8. Click OK.
    All users can refer to a saved standard by loading it. To load a saved standard, select Drafting Standard and click Load From External File.