Draft Quality HLR/HLV

Draft Quality HLR/HLV displays complex parts, assemblies, and drawings faster when your model is in Hidden Lines Removed or Hidden Lines Visible mode.

Use Draft Quality HLR/HLV with any model for the following benefits:

  • Real-time rotation. You can control the rotation speed, and display the entire model in real time.
  • Dynamic HLR/HLV recalculation. HLR/HLV displays during model rotation.
  • Resolution and performance. Image resolution and performance are dependent on the settings in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Image Quality. You can balance image quality (resolution) with performance.
In drawing documents, Hide/Show Edge is not available with Draft Quality HLR/HLV, and Line Formats remain thin solid lines.

To change the display of Hidden Lines Removed and Hidden Lines Visible to faster mode:

Click Draft Quality HLR/HLV (View toolbar) or View > Display > Draft Quality HLR/HLV.