Enhanced Cooling Channel Design

With the enhanced Cooling Channel creation algorithm, you can build complicated Cooling Channels from the sketch lines with greater precision.

The new algorithm uses the defined Cooling Channel parameters and SOLIDWORKS APIs to build accurate channel geometry. The new algorithm supports the creation of regular cooling channels only. The software applies the algorithm used in 2018 and prior releases for the design of baffles and bubblers.

The advanced settings for solid mesh for the Cooling Channel design generate a hexahedral mesh across the whole cross section. This eliminates any convergence issues encountered in previous releases associated with tetrahedral mesh of the Cooling Channel core. The new meshing algorithm results in a slightly higher number of elements. However, the accuracy of the cooling simulation results is more accurate.

Meshed Cooling Channel (SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2018)

Enhanced mesh for Cooling Channel (SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2019)