File Shortcut Menu

The file shortcut menu for a user appears in the Where Used, Contains, and Bill of Materials tabs.

You can more easily perform file operations on parent and child references, multiple references, or references that are spread across different folders within the vault.

Previously, this menu was only available for Windows Explorer File View. To perform the file operations in these tabs, you had to manually browse or search the files.

The file shortcut menu on the Contains, Where Used, and Bill Of Materials tabs is available in the:
  • File Explorer
  • Complete Search and Search tool
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer interface
  • Open and Save dialog boxes where access to these tabs exists.
You must have the required permissions to perform the file operations.

The file shortcut menu is:

  • Available for computed BOMs, CAD BOMs, and checked-in named BOMs.
  • Not available for checked-out named BOMs, weldment BOMs, and cut lists.