Hole Table Tags - Prefixes, Numbers, and Order

In hole tables, you can create custom tag prefixes, edit tag numbers, and use several methods for defining the tag order.

Defining Custom Tag Prefixes

You can define multiple custom tag prefixes. In hole tables, you can apply the prefixes to holes you select.

To define custom tag prefixes:

  • In the Hole Table PropertyManager, under Tag Type, select Manual, and enter custom tag prefixes.

To apply custom tag prefixes:

  • In the hole table, right-click a tag cell and click Assign Tag Prefix. Then select a tag prefix in the dialog box.

Editing Tag Numbers in Hole Tables

You can directly edit the tag number for any hole in a hole table.

Double-click in the tag cell in the hole table or double-click the hole label annotation in the drawing view.

Controlling the Order of Tags in Hole Tables

When you create a new hole table, you can specify the method for defining the order in which the holes are tagged.

Previously, only the XY method was available.

In the Hole Table PropertyManager, under Tag Order, select a method:

XY Uses the X-Y coordinates to order the tags closest to the selected datum.
Reduced tool path Uses the shortest length between all holes of the same size and orders the tags along that path.
Radial Orders the tags radially for turned or lathe parts.