Selection of Referenced Drawing Nodes During Change State

You can choose to select the referenced drawing nodes associated with a file when changing the file state.

Previously, you could choose to select or clear all referenced files during the change state operation. You could not specify just the referenced drawing nodes.

The new option, Select references that are defined as drawing nodes during change state, is cleared by default.

To access this option:
  1. In the Administration tool, right-click a user or group and click Settings.
  2. In the left pane of the user's Settings dialog box, click Reference Dialog.
When you change the state of the parent file, the software performs as follows:
Option Description
Selected Referenced drawing nodes are selected (the check boxes in the Change State column are selected) and are included in the change state operation.
Cleared (default) Referenced drawing nodes are not selected and are excluded from the change state operation.

If multiple files are selected for the change state operation, the option selects or clears the check boxes for their referenced drawing nodes in the Change State column.