ISO Tolerance-Modifying Symbols

You can add symbols and other text directly to ISO dimensions and their tolerances from the Tolerance Modifier section in the Dimensions PropertyManager.

Bilateral tolerance with symbols applied to each limit Symmetric tolerance with symbols applied to the entire dimension
Symbols from the following specifications are available in the Symbol Library, in the new ISO Tolerancing category:
ISO 14405-1:2016  
ISO 8015  
ISO 1101:2017  

To add ISO tolerance-modifying symbols:

  1. In the Dimensions PropertyManager, select Tolerance Modifier.
    Tolerance Modifier is not available if Tolerance Type is None or Basic.
  2. Specify options:
    Option Description
    General Applies symbols and text to the dimension, regardless of tolerance limits.
    Specified limits Applies symbols and text to the upper or lower limit. (Available only when Tolerance Type is Bilateral, Limit, Fit, Fit with tolerance, or Fit (tolerance only).
  3. Click in the text box and click More Symbols > More Symbols.
  4. In the Symbol Library dialog box, under Categories, select ISO Tolerancing.
  5. Select one or more symbols.
  6. Click OK.

Available Symbols

Symbol Tag Description
<ITOL-LP> Two-point size
<ITOL-LS> Spherical size
<ITOL-GG> Least-squares
<ITOL-GX> Maximum Inscribed
<ITOL-GN> Minimum Circumscribed
<ITOL-GC> Minimax
<ITOL-CC> Circumference Diameter
<ITOL-CA> Area Diameter
<ITOL-CV> Volume Diameter
<ITOL-SX> Maximum Size
<ITOL-SN> Minimum Size
<ITOL-SA> Average Size
<ITOL-SM> Median Size
<ITOL-SD> Midrange Size
<ITOL-SR> Range of Sizes
<ITOL-SQ> Standard Deviation of Sizes
<ITOL-C> Minimax Toleranced Feature
<ITOL-E> Envelope Requirement
<ITOL-F> Free State
<ITOL-A> ISO 8015 Rule
<ITOL-G> Least Squares Toleranced Feature
<ITOL-N> Minimum Circumscribed Tolerance Feature
<ITOL-T> Tangent Tolerance Feature
<ITOL-X> Maximum Inscribed Tolerance Feature
<ITOL-ACS> Any Cross Section
<ITOL-SCS> Specified Cross Section
<ITOL-ALS> Any Longitudinal Section
<ITOL-CT> Common Tolerance
<ITOL-UF> United Feature
<ITOL-IBETW> Between