Responsive Redesign in Web2

The redesign of SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 makes the website responsive to various device sizes and browser window sizes. The user interface has improved controls plus enhanced support for touch-enabled devices.

Enhancement Description
Responsive Log In screen The Log In screen resizes to fit your device and when you resize the browser window.
Responsive and enhanced file list The file list and file properties also resize with your device. The file list is a continuous scrolling list that lets users browse the vault directory content. Previously, the file list was paginated so users had to navigate through multiple pages.
Navigation bar The navigation bar lets you:
  • Navigate to different folders in a vault using breadcrumbs.
  • See the alerts with information on the top bar for file actions such as Change State.
Action bar The Check Out, Undo Check Out, Delete, Change State, and Download options are available on the action bar.
Choose column Select or clear the columns to appear in the file list. When you add a column, its width adjusts automatically.
Resize and sort column Resize the columns on pages with a column view including the Where Used and Contains tabs.
Upload and Check-In Drag and drop files to upload and check them in.
Search bar Designate the search location to Current Folder, Current & Subfolders, or All Folders.
File preview The file preview resizes to fit your device.