SOLIDWORKS Inspection Integration

SOLIDWORKS Inspection integrates with SOLIDWORKS PDM. The integration covers the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in to SOLIDWORKS and the SOLIDWORKS Inspection standalone application.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection standalone supports:
  • Variable mapping for inspection project files

    SOLIDWORKS PDM lets you map block attributes for the following properties:

    • SWIPrjProperty defines mapping for Inspection Project Properties.
    • SWICustomProperty defines mapping for Inspection Custom Properties.
    The attribute names available for SWIPrjProperty for Project Properties are:
    • Part Name
    • Part Number
    • Part Revision
    • Document Name
    • Document Number
    • Document Revision
  • File reference handling

    SOLIDWORKS PDM creates references between the inspection project files (.ixprj) and output deliverables (.xlsx,.pdf). In SOLIDWORKS PDM, the Contains tab displays inspection project files as parent files and output deliverables as child references.

    In the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in, references are created between a drawing file and output deliverables files or between the inspection project file and output files.

    SOLIDWORKS Inspection standalone includes the SOLIDWORKS PDM ribbon. You can access SOLIDWORKS PDM features such as Check-Out, Check-In, Search, Get Version, and Get Latest Version using the SOLIDWORKS PDM tab in the CommandManager. This integration helps you manage and centralize the storage of inspection projects plus the files and reports related to them.