Disabling Automatic Mate Updates in Toolbox

You can temporarily disable the automatic update of mates between a Toolbox component and a non-Toolbox component by clearing Automatic Update for Toolbox Mates. By disabling the automatic update, you can improve performance by making it quicker to edit mates, add mates, and manipulate components.

When you disable automatic mate updates:
  • Toolbox fasteners do not move if you move the components to which they are mated. Non-Toolbox components do move.
  • Performance improves when working in assemblies with several Toolbox components inserted and mated at the top level. For example, in assemblies with hundreds of fastener stacks at the top level, updating these mates can impact assembly performance when performing actions like solving mates, adding mates, and dragging components.
Performance improvements do not occur when Toolbox components are:
  • In subassemblies because the option affects solving mates at the top level only.
  • Patterned, because patterned instances do not use mates.

You must disable Automatic Update for Toolbox Mates each time you open an assembly.

To disable automatic mate updates:

In an assembly with Toolbox components, in the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the Mates folder and clear Automatic Update for Toolbox Mates.
The Mates folder and the mates inside it appear with this icon: .

To update the mates:

In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click one of the following and click Automatic Update for Toolbox Mates:
  • Mates folder
  • Fasteners subfolder in the Mates folder
  • Individual mates in the Mates folder

All mates in the assembly are updated.