Exporting Using Extended Reality

The Extended Reality Exporter exports content that powers rich AR, VR, and web experiences.

You can export SOLIDWORKS CAD files to .glb or .glTF file formats. The files contain information such as geometry, appearances, textures, animations, motion studies, configurations, display states, exploded views, lights, and metadata.

You can:
  • Import these files into platforms such as Unity or Unreal to create experiences.
  • Drag .glb files into Microsoft® Office 365® products like PowerPoint to have interactive 3D model viewing experiences.
  • Contact an approved technology provider to create a custom AR, VR, or web experience that suits your needs. For more information or to learn about approved providers, see the SOLIDWORKS Corporate Blog.
    Only Approved Provider Viewers support the advanced capabilities of the XR Exported file. These capabilities include Animations, Motion Studies, Exploded views, Display States, Configurations, Decals, and Metadata.
The Extended Reality Exporter:
  • Improves collaborative internal and external design reviews.
  • Sells designs more effectively with immersive experiences.
  • Trains your staff about how to immersively assemble and interact with your products. For example, you can create an Augmented Reality training walkthrough to teach mechanics how to service an MRI machine when a part breaks, all from the original SOLIDWORKS CAD file.

To export to the glTF file format:

  1. With a file open, click File > Save As.
  2. In the Save As dialog box, select Extended Reality (*.GLTF) or Extended Reality (*.GLB).
  3. Select Options and specify the settings for exporting Extended Reality files:

    Export Views

    Exports SOLIDWORKS views.

    Export Cameras

    Exports SOLIDWORKS cameras.

    Export Lights

    Exports lights to a Khronos Light Extension (.KHR_Light) file.


    Export Motion Studies

    Exports timeline animations as glTF keyframe sequences.

    Export Exploded Views

    Exports exploded views as glTF keyframe sequences.

  4. Click OK.