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IEModelViewControl Interface Members

The following tables list the members exposed by IEModelViewControl.

Public Properties

 PropertyActiveViewRectangleGets the screen coordinates of the upper-left and lower-right corners of the window.  
 PropertyAlwaysShowWarningWatermarkGets or sets whether to show a warning watermark when an existing file is opened.  
 PropertyAmbientOcclusionAllowedGets whether ambient occlusion is allowed.  
 PropertyAmbientOcclusionEnabledGets or sets whether ambient occlusion is enabled.  
 PropertyBackgroundColorGets or sets the background color for all eDrawings files.  
 PropertyBackgroundColorGradientSpecifies whether to apply a gradient background using the document's background color.  
 PropertyBackgroundColorOverrideSpecifies whether to override the document's background color and display the color specified by IEModelViewControl::BackgroundColor.  
 PropertyBackgroundImagePathGets the fully qualified path and file name of the background image.  
 PropertyBuildNumberGets the build number of eDrawings.  
 PropertyCameraNearClipGets or sets the distance of the camera near clip plane.  
 PropertyCameraProjectionGets or sets the camera projection type.  
 PropertyComponentConfigurationNameGets the name of the configuration for the specified component.  
 PropertyComponentCountGets the number of components in the specified configuration.  
 PropertyComponentNameGets the name of the component in the specified configuration.  
 PropertyComponentStateGets or sets the state of the specified component.  
 PropertyComponentTransformGets or sets the transform for the specified component.  
 PropertyConfigurationCountGets the total number of configurations.  
 PropertyConfigurationNameGets the name of the specified configuration.  
 PropertyCurrentConfigurationIndexGets the index number of this configuration.  
 PropertyCurrentSheetIndexGets the index number of the currently displayed drawing sheet.  
 PropertyEnableFeatureGets or sets a property of the IEModelViewControl.  
 PropertyEnableFeaturesGets or sets properties of the IEModelViewControl.  
 PropertyFileNameGets the path and name of the file to open or the file name of the currently displayed file.  
 PropertyFullUIGets or sets whether to show complete UI mode or simple UI mode.  
 PropertyHeightGets the height of the control.  
 PropertyHighlightColorGets or sets the color used when an entity is selected.  
 PropertyIsMarkupModifiedGets whether the markup file was modified.  
 PropertyIsMeasureEnabledGets whether the current document is measure-enabled.  
 PropertyLayerCountGets the number of layers in this eDrawings document.  
 PropertyLayerNameGets the name of the specified layer in this eDrawings document.  
 PropertyMassPropertyGets the value of the specified mass property.  
 PropertyMaterialPropertyNameGets the material name.  
 PropertyPaperColorGets or sets the color of the paper (sheet) for an eDrawings document of a drawing only.  
 PropertyPaperColorOverrideSpecifies whether to override the color of the paper of an eDrawings document of a drawing and display the color specified by IEModelViewControl::PaperColor.  
 PropertyPasswordSets the password needed to open a model downloaded from a server that requires authentication.  
 PropertyShadowsEnabledGets or sets whether shadows are enabled in parts and assemblies.  
 PropertySheetCountGets the total number of drawing sheets.  
 PropertySheetHeightGets the height of the drawing sheet.  
 PropertySheetNameGets the name of the specified drawing sheet.  
 PropertySheetWidthGets the width of the drawing sheet.  
 PropertyShowLayerGets or sets the layer to show.  
 PropertyShowShadedEdgesGets or sets whether to show edges in shaded mode.  
 PropertyShowTipAtMousePositionDisplays the specified ToolTip at the cursor's location.  
 PropertyStereoEnabledGets or sets whether stereographic viewing is enabled.  
 PropertyStereoFocalLengthGets or sets the distance between camera position and the stereo focal plane in terms of the camera eye distance.  
 PropertyStereoSeparationGets or sets the angle of separation between right and left stereo views.  
 PropertyTipTextGets or sets the text for the specified ToolTip.  
 PropertyTipTitleGets or sets the title of the specified ToolTip.  
 PropertyTipXCoordinateGets or sets the x coordinate for the specified ToolTip.  
 PropertyTipYCoordinateGets or sets the y coordinate for the specified ToolTip.  
 PropertyTooltipCountGets the total number of ToolTips.  
 PropertyTooltipIDGets the ID of the ToolTip.  
 PropertyUserNameSets the user name needed to open a model downloaded from a server that requires authentication.  
 PropertyVersionGets the version number of eDrawings.  
 PropertyViewCameraGets or sets the current camera properties.  
 PropertyViewOperatorSets the select, rotate, zoom, and pan tools.  
 PropertyViewOrientationSets the view orientation.  
 PropertyViewStateGets or sets the view state.  
 PropertyWidthGets the width of the control.  

Public Methods

 MethodAnimateSets the state of animation.  
 MethodClearSelectionsClear all selections.  
 MethodCloseActiveDocCloses the active eDrawings document.  
 MethodCoCreateInstanceCreates an instance of an eDrawings add-in object, such as IEModelViewMarkupControl.  
 MethodCreateTooltipCreates a ToolTip at the specified location.  
 MethodGetSelectedComponentNameGets the name of the selected component.  
 MethodHideAllTooltipsHides all ToolTips.  
 MethodHideTooltipHides the specified ToolTip.  
 MethodLoadXMLBufferLoads the model from data from an XML source.  
 MethodOpenDocOpens the specified eDrawings file.  
 MethodOpenMarkupFileOpens the specified markup (*.markup) eDrawings file.  
 MethodPrint2Obsolete. Superseded by IEModelViewControl::Print3.  
 MethodPrint3Obsolete. Superseded by IEModelViewControl::Print4.  
 MethodPrint4Obsolete. Superseded by IEModelViewControl::Print5.  
 MethodPrint5Prints the eDrawings file.  
 MethodRefreshRefreshes the eDrawings window.  
 MethodSaveSaves the eDrawings file.  
 MethodSelectByRaySelects the first component intersected by a ray that starts at the specified point in the specified direction vector.  
 MethodSetPageSetupOptionsSets the Page Setup parameters for printing.  
 MethodShow3DPointerShows or hides a 3D pointer in the active view in the graphics area.  
 MethodShowAllTooltipsShows all ToolTips.  
 MethodShowConfigurationDisplays the specified configuration.  
 MethodShowFullScreenMaximizes the drawing to fill the screen.  
 MethodShowHelpDisplays eDrawings Help.  
 MethodShowSendDisplays the Send As dialog.  
 MethodShowSheetDisplays the specified drawing sheet.  
 MethodShowTooltipShows the specified ToolTip.  
 MethodUpdateSceneRedraws the scene graph.  

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