Radio-button Properties

Use the Radio-button properties pane to configure a radio button that allows users to select a predefined value to store in the data card variable.

To display this pane:

In the Card Editor, click Radio-button (Controls toolbar), and click in the card to place the control.


Enter the static value to be stored in the variable when a user selects this radio button. For example, using the caption English will store English in the defined variable.


Variable name Select the data card variable that should store the caption value.

If you add multiple radio buttons with different captions, but all linked to the same variable, only the caption of the selected radio button will be stored in the variable (use this to group radio buttons for toggling between multiple values).

Variables Click to create a new variable, or check properties of an existing variable.


Read-only Makes the radio button read-only, so that values cannot be updated by the user.
Show in Explorer The variable and stored caption value of the radio button is shown in the client Preview tab.
Updates all configurations When the radio button is selected, all configuration tabs of the data card are updated with the same selection.

Default value

Select to automatically set a default value for this radio button when a new file or item is added to the vault. SeeAssigning Default Values.

No default value The radio button has no default value.
Checked The radio button is checked by default.
If several radio buttons are connected to the same variable, only one in the group can be checked.
Unchecked The radio button is unchecked by default.
Folder data card variable Select a folder data card variable to use the value from it as the default value.

For example, if you select the folder data card variable Language and the folder data card has a value of Swedish, the radio-button with caption Swedish is selected as the default option when a user adds a file to that folder.

File data card variable (Item cards only.) Select a file data card variable whose value will be used as the default value.

For example, if you select the file data card variable Language and a file has a value of Swedish, the radio-button with caption Swedish is selected as the default option when a user creates an item from that file.

When creating items for configurations, values come from the referenced configuration, or if empty, the custom properties (@ tab). Therefore, if you want item card values to exactly match configuration values, ensure that all mapped configuration variables have values by defining those properties as required. Alternatively, do not use custom properties.

When creating items for CAD files (not specific configurations), values come from the custom properties.

Default overwrites Overwrites the existing variable value with the default value when copying or adding files.
Excluded Configurations Configurations from which to exclude default values.

Exclusion occurs when files are added to the vault or when the addition of a new configuration generates default values.

Type one configuration name per line.

You can use * as a wildcard. For example *magnet* excludes all configurations with "magnet" in the configuration name.

Configurations are not excluded if users manually generate values.