Duplicate File Names in Vault Dialog Box

This dialog box appears if you try to add files to the vault that have the same names as existing vault files.

To view this dialog box:

  • Click the duplicate file warning that appears when:
    • You add files to the vault.
    • You check the files in to the vault.
    • You try to rename the files using the names of existing vault files.
  • Click the system tray warning that appears when you save a file from an application.

Affected Files

Type Icons for SOLIDWORKS file types.
Name Names of duplicate files.
Current Location Locations of files you are adding.

Each hyperlink opens Windows File Explorer view that lets you rename a file you are adding.

Existing files

Found In Locations of vault files.
Checked Out By Users who have the duplicate files checked out, or blank if files are not checked out.
State States of files in the vault.

Export List

Lets you save details of vault files and duplicate files in .csv format.