Creating Reports

You can create detailed reports from file information in a vault.

You must be registered as user in the selected file vault to run reports in it.

  1. Click Tools > Report Generator.
  2. Select a vault in the toolbar's drop-down list.
  3. Under Queries, select the queries to run.
    If you run multiple queries at the same time, the result of each query search appears in a separate table under Result in the same order as used under Queries.
    If Queries is empty, you must add queries.
  4. Under Selected files, you can add files to include in the query.
    If the pane is empty, you can run only queries that do not require files as input.
  5. Click Execute Query on the toolbar or Edit > Execute Query.
    If SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional requires additional information to create the report, dialog boxes appear.
  6. Supply the required information and click OK in the dialog boxes.
    The report appears under Results.