Using the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer

You can use the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer to view vault files or preview and mark up files that are not in SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.

  1. Select a file in the vault and click the View File tool or right-click a file outside the vault and click View File.
  2. Use the toolbar buttons:


    Opens a document in the File Viewer.


    Displays the Properties dialog.


    Edits the document in its native application.


    Refreshes the view window and properties.

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    Cycles through the supported views of the file, such as its data card, version information, and bill of materials.

    For files outside the vault, these views contain no data.

  3. Click in the preview pane to activate the viewer.
    The shortcut menu and options vary depending on the file type and associated viewer.
    Click View > Excluded File Types to exclude files with specific extensions from appearing in the preview. Type a comma-separated list of file extensions and click OK.