Analysis Library Overview

When you define an analysis library and set its path appropriately, the program creates an analysis library folder identified by the icon in the Task Pane. The Analysis Library folder is located on the disk in install_directory\Data\Analysis Library.

The following folders are included in the Analysis Library folder:
Folder Description
Environment Contains library documents with groups of loads, supports, study properties, contacts, etc.
Examples Contains examples highlighting different techniques for using loads, fixtures, contact conditions, etc.
Loads Contains documents with load library items.
Supports Contains documents with support library items.
You can use analysis library folders to perform the following tasks:
  • Display the analysis library features and the subfolders that contain library features.
  • Preview the analysis library feature parts.
  • Insert the library features in part or assembly documents

To set the path to existing analysis library folders, click Simulation > Options. Under the System Options tab, select Default library.