Apply to Display States

You can change the hide/show state and display mode of selected components, and specify the display states to which you want to apply the changes.

To apply changes to specified display states:

  1. Select one or more components in an assembly.
  2. Click Edit, and then click:
    • Hide
    • Show
    • Show with Dependents
    • Component Display, and then click a display mode (Wireframe, Hidden Lines Visible, etc.)
  3. Click one of the following:
    Option Description
    Current Display State Applies the change to only the current display state.
    All Display States Applies the change to all display states in the assembly.
    Selected Display States In the Apply to Display States dialog box, select one or more display states to which you want to apply the changes, then click OK. Press and hold Ctrl to select multiple display states.
    Show with Dependents shows all subassembly components, including those hidden in the subassembly, by creating a top-level override. Clear the override in the Display Pane to return the subassembly components to the state defined in the subassembly.