Creating eDrawings Files Using the SOLIDWORKS Software

Large Assembly Settings

If enabled, high-quality HLR/HLV views in assembly drawings do not contain shaded data in the published eDrawings (.edrw) file. If all views in the drawing are high quality, no shaded data is included in the eDrawings file and you cannot animate the drawing in eDrawings.


If you have eDrawings Professional installed, eDrawings files are review-enabled when you create them from SOLIDWORKS documents; if you have the complimentary eDrawings Viewer installed, the eDrawings files are not review-enabled.

Save As Versus Publish

Create eDrawings files from the SOLIDWORKS software by using Save As or Publish to eDrawings.
  Save As Publish
Save eDrawings file An eDrawings file is saved from the SOLIDWORKS software. You specify file name and location. No file is saved from the SOLIDWORKS software; you must save the file from eDrawings.
Open automatically in eDrawings Does not open the file in eDrawings. Opens the published content in eDrawings.
If you save an assembly in the SOLIDWORKS software with its SpeedPak configuration active and open the .sldasm file directly in eDrawings, faces and bodies not included in the SpeedPak are not visible in eDrawings. To ensure that the faces and bodies are visible, use the Save As or Publish methods.