Clearance Verification PropertyManager

You can check the clearance between selected components in assemblies. The software checks the minimum distance between the components and reports clearances that fail to meet the minimum acceptable clearance you specify.

You can select entire components or particular faces of components. You can check between just the selected components, or between selected components and the rest of the assembly.

To check clearance:

Click Clearance Verification (Assembly toolbar) or Tools > Evaluate > Clearance Verification.

To display a clearance failure in the graphics area:

Select it in Results in the PropertyManager.

Selected Components

Components to Check Lists entities selected for the clearance check. Click Select Components or Select Faces select_face_planar.png to filter the type of entity you want to select.
Check clearance between Specifies whether to check only between the entities you select, or between the entities you select and the rest of the assembly. Choose one:
  • Selected items
  • Selected items and the rest of the assembly
Minimum Acceptable Clearance Clearances less than or equal to this value are reported in Results.
Under Options, you can select to ignore clearances equal to this value and report only those less than this value.
Calculate Click to run the clearance check.


Lists clearances that fail to meet the minimum acceptable clearance. The value of each failed clearance appears in its listing. When you select a clearance under Results, it highlights in the graphics area.

Ignore/Un-Ignore Click to switch between ignored and unignored mode for the selected clearance. If a clearance is set to Ignore, it remains ignored during subsequent clearance calculations. See Show ignored clearances under Options.
Component view Lists clearances by component name instead of clearance number.


Show ignored clearances Select to show ignored clearances in the Results list, with a gray icon. When this option is cleared, ignored clearances are not listed.
Treat subassemblies as components Treats subassemblies as single components, so clearances between a subassembly's components are not checked.
Ignore clearance equal to specified value Reports only clearances less than the specified value.
Make parts under study transparent Displays in transparent mode the components whose clearances are being verified.
Create fasteners folder Segregates clearances between fasteners (such as a nut and bolt) into a separate folder under Results.

Uninvolved Components

Uses the selected mode to display all components not involved in the clearance check.
Use current Uses the current display settings of the assembly.