Decals Mapping PropertyManager

The Mapping tab of the Decals PropertyManager controls the placement, size, and orientation of the decal and provides rendering capabilities.

To display this PropertyManager:

Apply a decal to a model. In the Decals PropertyManager, click the Mapping tab.

Selected Geometry

For assemblies only:
Apply changes at assembly component level. Changes are applied to components only in the assembly document.
part.png Button Apply changes at part document level Changes are applied in the part document.
Select the geometry on which the decal is to be placed.
select_face_planar.png Button Select Faces  
PM_Decals_Mapping_Select_Surfaces.gif Select Surfaces  
solid_bodies.png Button Select Bodies  
Select Features  


Mapping Type Select a type from the list. Some options under Mapping and Size/Orientation vary depending on the type selected.
Spheres and cylinders are recognized automatically.


Also known as UV, maps decals onto model faces, including multiple contiguous non-planar surfaces, in a way that is analogous to placing an adhesive label on a real part, with no stretching or shrinking.


Maps all points onto a specified plane and then projects the decal onto the reference entity.


Maps all points onto a sphere.


Maps all points onto a cylinder.


The following options under Size/Orientation are the same for all mapping types.

You can select one or two of the following options:
  Fixed aspect ratio  
  Fit width to selection  
  Fit height to selection  
  You can specify both Width and Height if all the options above are cleared, or one size if one of the options above is selected.
Width Specify the decal width.
Height Specify the decal height.
  Aspect ratio (read only) Displays the current aspect ratio
Rotation Type a number, move the slider, or drag when appears in the graphics area to specify the decal rotation angle.
  Mirror horizontally Flip the decal image horizontally.
  Mirror vertically Flip the decal image vertically.
  Reset to Image Returns the aspect ratio to the original aspect ratio of the decal image.