Insert Line PropertyManager - 3D

Enables you to sketch multiple 3D lines.

To open the Insert Line PropertyManager:

In a 3D sketch, click Line on the Sketch toolbar, or click Tools > Sketch Entities > Line.


Only As sketched is available with 3D sketches.

As sketched With the click-drag method, sketch a line in any direction until you release the pointer.

With the click-click method, sketch a line in any direction, and continue sketching other lines in any direction, until you double-click.


For construction Creates a construction line.
Infinite length Creates a line of infinite length that you can later trim.
Midpoint line Creates a line that is symmetrical from the midpoint of the line.
Once you sketch a line, the Insert Line PropertyManager changes to the Line Properties PropertyManager, and you can continue sketching 3D lines. To change Options, click to return to the Insert Line PropertyManager.