DimXpert Size Dimension Options

These options define the tolerance type and values to apply to newly created size dimensions, including dimensions created with the Size Dimension and Auto Dimension Scheme tools.

These options do not affect pre-existing features, dimensions, or tolerances.

Size dimension options are:

Diameter (boss, cylinder, counterbore hole, countersink hole, and simple hole)
Counterbore diameter (counterbore portion of counterbore hole)
Countersink diameter
Countersink angle
Length - slot/notch
Width - slot/notch/width
Depth (counterbore, counterbore hole, countersink, notch, pocket, simple hole, slot)
Fillet radius
Intersect circle

Tolerance Type Options

Symmetric Value is interpreted as plus and minus
Bilateral Values are added or subtracted from the feature's nominal size
Block Number of decimal places
General Block  
The option for Block, General, or General Block is based on whether you select Block Tolerance, General Tolerance, or General Block Tolerance for the DimXpert Method. See Tools > Options > Document Properties > DimXpert .