Configurable Items for Assemblies

You can vary the design of assembly configurations as follows:
  • Change the suppression state (Suppressed, Resolved) of components.
  • Change the referenced configuration of components.
  • Change the Display State.
  • Change the dimensions of distance or angle mates, or suppression state of mates.
  • Modify the dimensions, tolerances, or other parameters of features that belong to the assembly. This includes assembly feature cuts and holes, component patterns, reference geometry, and sketches that belong to the assembly (not to one of the assembly components).
  • Assign mass and center of mass.
  • Suppress features that belong to the assembly.
  • Define configuration-specific properties, such as end conditions and sketch relations.
  • Create derived configurations.
  • Change the size of Hole Wizard holes.
  • Fix or float the position of a component.