Draft Analysis

Designers of plastic parts and mold tooling manufacturers can use the Draft Analysis tool to check the correct application of draft to the faces of their part. With draft analysis, you can verify draft angles, examine angle changes within a face, as well as locate parting lines, injection, and ejection surfaces in parts.

You can also perform draft analysis using the DraftXpert.


To perform a draft analysis, specify the following criteria:
  Direction of Pull Select a planar face, linear edge, or an axis to define the draw direction. You can adjust the direction of pull by selecting Adjustment triad and dragging the triad.

  Face classification When selected, the analysis examines each face on the model, based on the draft angle. When you click Calculate, each face is displayed in a different color. With this option cleared, the analysis generates a contour map of the face angles.
You must specify both the Direction of Pull and the Draft Angle with either type of analysis.
Reverse Direction Click to change the draw direction.
Draft Angle Enter a reference draft angle, and then compare that reference angle to those currently existing on the model.