The FeatureXpert, powered by SOLIDWORKS Intelligent Feature Technology (SWIFT™), manages fillet and draft features for you so you can concentrate on your design.

When you add or make changes to constant radius fillets and neutral plane drafts that cause rebuild errors, the What's Wrong dialog appears with a description of the error. Click FeatureXpert in the dialog to run the FeatureXpert to attempt to fix the error.

The FeatureXpert can change the feature order in the FeatureManager design tree or adjust the tangent properties so a part successfully rebuilds. The FeatureXpert can also, to a lesser extent, repair reference planes that have lost references.

Supported features:
  • Constant radius fillets
  • Neutral plane drafts
  • Reference planes
Unsupported items:
  • Other types of fillets or draft features.
  • Mirror or pattern features. When mirror or pattern features contain a fillet or draft feature, the FeatureXpert cannot manipulate those features in the mirrored or patterned copies.
  • Library features. Fillet or draft features in a library feature are ignored by the FeatureXpert and the entire Library feature is treated as one rigid feature.
  • Configurations and Design Tables. The FeatureXpert is not available for parts that contain these items.