A cut is a feature that removes material from a part or an assembly.

With multibody parts, you can use cuts to create disjoint parts.

Bodies to Keep

You can select which bodies to keep and which bodies to eliminate as a result of a cut operation.

The Bodies to Keep dialog box appears with any cut feature that affects multiple bodies in multibody parts.

You can choose All bodies or Selected bodies. If the model has configurations, you can select the configurations to affect.


  All bodies Keeps all bodies created by the cut every time the feature rebuilds. If you add new bodies to the model that are intersected by the cutting tool, these new bodies are also rebuilt to include the cut.
  Selected bodies Keeps only the bodies you select using the pointer that appears after you choose Selected bodies. If you add new bodies to the model that are intersected by the cutting tool, you need to use Edit Feature to select those bodies, and to add them to the list of selected bodies. If you do not add the new bodies to the list of selected bodies, they remain intact.

The solid bodies you select are highlighted in the graphics area and listed in the Feature Scope box.

Solid Bodies to Affect Lists the selected bodies to keep that are affected by the cut feature. Unselected bodies are not affected by the cut feature.
  Auto-select The Auto-select option is selected by default, and is available only if you choose Selected bodies. When you first create a model with multibody parts, the cutting tool automatically processes all the relevant intersecting parts. The Auto-select option is faster than the All bodies option, since it processes only the bodies on the initial list and does not rebuild the entire model.

Example of Bodies to Keep - Cut with Loft

Cut with loft intersecting four solid bodies. Preview of cut with loft with bodies to keep highlighted.
Cut with loft applied.