Assigning a Macro to a Toolbar Button

You can assign a macro to a button, choose a bitmap image for the button, and place the button on any toolbar.

  1. With a document open, click Tools > Customize, or right-click in the window border and click Customize.
  2. In the Customize dialog box, on the Commands tab, under Categories, select Macro.
  3. Under Buttons, drag New Macro Button new_macro_button.gif to any toolbar in the SOLIDWORKS window.
  4. In the Customize Macro Button dialog box, under Action, click Browse (...) and open the macro you want to use.
  5. If necessary, select a Method.
    Some macros contain multiple methods. Each method defines a particular sequence of actions and commands. When you select a method, only that method runs in the macro.
  6. Under Appearance, click Choose Image, select a bitmap image, and click Open.

    The SOLIDWORKS software provides bitmap images to use as custom buttons. These are located in install_dir/data/user macro icons.

    You can also create your own bitmap images that meet these requirements:
    • Dimension = 16 x 16 pixels
    • Color = 256 colors
    • Background color = white
  7. If necessary, type a Tooltip and a Prompt. Prompt is a brief description of the function of the tool that appears in the status bar, in large tooltips, and in Description on the Keyboard or Mouse Gestures tab of the Customize dialog box.
  8. Click OK.
    The new macro button appears in the toolbar.