Publishing a Model in eDrawings

To publish a model to eDrawings:

  1. Click Publish to eDrawings (MBD CommandManager or toolbar).
  2. In the Save Configurations to eDrawings file dialog box, set any of the following:
    Option Description
    Lets you choose configurations to save.
    Lets you attach STEP files to the eDrawings file.

    You can include a STEP attachment for any of the available configurations in the file. Including a STEP attachment is independent of including the eDrawings data for each configuration as long as you select at least one configuration for publishing the eDrawings data.

    Create and attach STEP file of type Sets the type of STEP file to attach.

    Supported STEP formats are STEP AP203 and STEP AP214. If you have a SOLIDWORKS MBD license, you can also attach STEP AP242 files which support Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI).

    Options Lets you set options in the System Options - EDRW/EPRT/EASM dialog box.
    Password Lets you set options in the Password dialog box.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In eDrawings, set options as necessary.
  5. Click File > Save to save the document in eDrawings.