Sweep creates a base, boss, cut, or surface by moving a profile (section) along a path. A sweep can be simple or complex.

To generate the sweep geometry, the software creates a series of intermediate sections made by replicating a profile at various positions along the path. The intermediate sections are then blended together. Additional parameters can be included in the sweep feature such as guide curves, profile orientation options, and twist to create a wide variety of shapes.

You can view the sweep using zebra stripes as you create the sweep. Place the pointer on the sweep, open the shortcut menu, and select Zebra Stripes Preview. If you apply zebra stripes, when you create another sweep, or loft, or add a loft section, the zebra stripes appear. Use the shortcut menu to clear Zebra Stripes Preview.

Sweeps can:
Use guide curves    
Be created with multiple profiles
  Sweep with multiple separate profiles
  Sweep with multiple nested profiles