Mate Callouts

Mate callouts identify mated entities in the graphics area to help you to visualize mate systems. They provide tools to perform common mate functions and troubleshoot mate errors.

To view mate callouts:

  1. Right-click a component and click View Mates or View Mate Errors.
  2. In the window that appears, select one or more mates.
Callouts appear for the selected mates. Each mate has one callout, with leaders pointing to the mated entities. The arrows on the leaders ( and ) point in the direction of the path to ground.

In the callout, click to perform these mate functions:
Flip Mate Alignment Switches the alignment of vectors normal to the mated faces. The vectors can point in the same direction (aligned) or opposite directions (anti-aligned).
Flip Dimension (For Distance and Angle mates only.) Reverses the direction in which the dimension is applied.
Edit Opens the Mate PropertyManager so you can edit the mate.
Suppress Suppresses the mate to prevent it from being solved.
For problem mates, error and warning icons are displayed in the callouts.
Warning The mate is satisfied, but involved in over defining the assembly.
Error The mate is not satisfied.
You can click Force Mate in the callout to force the mate to solve, thus breaking another mate. You can perform iterations of forcing mates to help you discover the problem mate.