Component Preview Window

You can view multiple components in the Component Preview window. You can use Synchronize to synchronize the Component Preview window with the assembly window. You can change the display style of the selected components for the assembly window.

Most of the assembly window tools are available with the Component Preview window. Some tools that are not available include Isolate, Viewport, New Window, and Close All.

You cannot select hidden, suppressed, or graphics-only components to view in the Component Preview window.

The Component Preview window is not available in the following situations:
  • Isolate is active.
  • More than one viewport is open.
  • Editing a component in-context.

To open the Component Preview window, select a component and click Tools > Component > Preview Window .

Component Preview window options:
Synchronize Aligns the Component Preview window with the assembly window when you change the orientation or use a zoom tool like Zoom to Fit or Zoom to Area.
  Exit Preview Closes the Component Preview window.