Displaying Surface Curvature Combs

The Surface Curvature Combs tool shows curvature combs at various locations on the surface of the model.

To display surface curvature combs:

  1. Click View > Display > Surface Curvature Combs or click Surface Curvatures Combs (View toolbar).
  2. To display surface curvature combs for specific faces:
    1. Under Display, click Persistent.
    2. In the Surface Curvature Combs PropertyManager, for Faces, select one or more curved faces of the model for analysis.
    3. Under Curvature Display, click Mesh preview and Curvature combs.
    4. Under Curvature Display, click Curvature combs.
    The combs appear in the graphics area, indicating the curvature across adjacent faces.

  3. To modify the comb display, increase or decrease the Mesh density, Scale (comb length) and Density (comb frequency).
    You can also modify the color for each direction.
  4. To display curvature data for specific points in the graphics area:
    1. Under Display, select Dynamic.
    2. Under Curvature Display, set the Scale and Density.
    3. Move the mouse over the model in the graphics area.
    Surface curvature combs and curvature data appear at locations you select in the graphics area.