Setting Detailing Options

You can set options for various aspects of detailing. The options affect only the active document.

  1. Click Tools > Options. On the Document Properties tab, select:
    Option Description
    Drafting Standard Set the overall detailing drafting standard, and rename, copy, delete, export, or load saved custom drafting standards
    Annotations pages Fonts, attachments, leading and trailing zeros, and so on
    Dimensions pages Text alignment, fonts, leaders, arrow styles and so on
    Centerlines/Center Marks Fonts, slot options, and so on
    DimXpert Dimensioning schemes and options for chamfers, slots, and fillets for use with the DimXpert tool
    Tables pages Various controls for tables
    View Labels pages Label content and format for detail, section, and auxiliary view labels
    Virtual Sharps Virtual sharp display styles
    Detailing Display filter, text scale, and so on
    Grid/Snap Grid display, spacing, and so on
    Units Specify how units are displayed
    Line Font Style and weight of lines for various kinds of edges in drawing documents
    Line Style Create, save, load, or delete line styles
    Line Thickness Set line weights that work best with your printer or plotter
    Image Quality HLR/HLV resolution
  2. Change the options as necessary.
  3. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box.