You can apply forces, moments, or torques with uniform distribution to faces, edges, reference points, vertices and beams in any direction for use in structural studies.

The specified force value is applied to each selected vertex, edge, face or beam. When you apply a force to a face or edge, the specified value represents the magnitude only. For example, if you apply a force that is normal to a full cylindrical face, the vector sum of the applied forces is zero.

You can apply nonuniform forces to faces, shell edges, and beams. A nonuniform force is specified by a force value and force distribution. The force value is set equal to the summation of the absolute values of the forces applied to each face. The force distribution is described by the coefficients of a second-order polynomial in terms of x and y axes of the reference coordinate system as described for variable pressure.
Nonuniform torque is not supported in this release.