Distributed File Conversion

Using Network Monitor, a group of computers share the processing load for conversion tasks.

Distributed file conversion requires one coordinating computer and one or more node computers, all running Network Monitor. The coordinator computer starts Network Monitor services for the group and manages tasks. The node computers use Network Monitor to connect to the coordinator. There can be only one coordinator in a group.

Any computer in the group can start distributed file conversion tasks in the Task Scheduler. Network Monitor automatically assigns tasks to idle computers and balances the conversion load. A computer is idle when it is not running programs. By default, Network Monitor does not assign tasks to busy computers.

The user of a busy computer can join the conversion by clicking Allow tasks on Network Monitor. You can pause a task running on your system by clicking Pause tasks. You can only pause or allow tasks on your computer.

The Network Monitor gives status for all distributed conversion tasks. A coordinator can cancel any distributed task.